Welcome to Zeus Network – the permissionless communication layer seamlessly integrating Solana and Bitcoin. As a pioneer in interoperability, we aim to empower users to navigate the dynamic realm of decentralized applications effortlessly with our cross-chain technical breakthrough. As a secure ecosystem, Zeus Network ensures the security of assets on each chain through their respective protocols.

Technical Architecture

Zeus Network is bridgeless: As liquidity providers on each chain do not receive liquidity back on the other chain, the assets provided on each chain are safeguarded by their respective protocols.

Bitcoin <> Zeus Network <> Solana

Zeus Network serves as a crucial permissionless layer, harnessing the formidable strengths of both Solana and Bitcoin. Solana's rapid transaction capabilities and scalability, combined with Bitcoin's security, trust, and liquidity, create a powerful synergy.

Developers can build diverse applications and services on Zeus Network, connecting Solana and Bitcoin without barriers. This unique blend paves the way for a plethora of possibilities, from high-performance decentralized apps to efficient and secure financial services.

ZEUS Ecosystem

  • Native Stake / Wrap Bitcoin with Solana DeFi Yield (Chapter APOLLO)

  • Liquidity Tranche of Bribery System (Chapter ARTEMIS)

  • Native Bitcoin Collateral Stablecoin on Solana

  • Native & Cross-Chain NFT tools between Bitcoin and Solana

  • Native & Borrow / Lending from Bitcoin layers to Solana

These are just a few of the myriad opportunities available for founders and developers to discover, explore, and build upon.

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