The upcoming technical roadmap for Zeus Network until the end of 2024 marks a critical phase in our development journey. Our primary objectives include the rollout of Zeus Node, $ZEUS staking, and $BTC staking by year-end. We're dedicating our efforts to three core areas:

  • Zeus Layer (Node): Establishing Zeus Network nodes.

  • $ZEUS (Token): Enhancing utility for the native Zeus Network token.

  • APOLLO (dApp): Enabling native $BTC staking.

2024 Q2: Muses Upgrade

In this phase, we are focusing on developing Zeus Node to ensure the network's operation, while also advancing APOLLO for seamless utilization of $BTC.

Zeus Layer Mainnet Beta

  • Singleton Mode implementation

  • Zeus Explorer development initiation

  • Auditing process initiation

Apollo Testnet #3

  • $tBTC deposit and withdrawal

  • $zBTC custodianship

  • Bitcoin Wallet Connect integration

  • Auditing process initiation

2024 Q3: Gaia Upgrade

This phase introduces two staking options on Zeus Network: $ZEUS staking and native $BTC staking to earn yields on Solana.

$ZEUS Staking

  • Launch $ZEUS Staking Program

Zeus Layer Mainnet Beta

  • Support Schnorr and EdDSA Threshold Signature

  • Zeus Node initiation through $ZEUS staking

Apollo Mainnet

  • Enable $BTC staking

  • Delegate & Stake $SOL on Zeus Node

2024 Q4: Athena Upgrade

Zeus Network aims to foster a permissionless cross-chain ecosystem, releasing the Zeus Program Library (ZPL) for project development.

Zeus Layer Mainnet Beta

  • ZPL release for Programmable MPC

  • Fee Relayer implementation

  • Zeus Explorer integration

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