Zeus Program Library (ZPL)

Enter Zeus Program Library (ZPL) — a set of SVM programs built on Solana Virtual Machine, ZPL is a verifiable interface for developers to build on top of Zeus Network.

ZPL represents the culmination of years of experience, research, and development by the Zeus Network team, aimed to eliminate the gap between different blockchains.

Core Features of ZPL

At its core, ZPL serves as a pluggable and programmable Layer built on Solana Virtual Machine (SVM). By leveraging the power of Solana, ZPL enables developers to build or integrate applications in the future.

  1. Pluggable: ZPL provides a modular and extensible architecture, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate SVM-empowering functionality into their dApps and protocols.

  2. Programmable: ZPL leverages advanced techniques to securely process and verify transactions across multiple blockchains, ensuring robust security and reliability.

  3. Interoperable: ZPL enables seamless communication and data exchange between disparate blockchain networks, facilitating the creation of decentralized ecosystems.

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