1. Why is Zeus Network important for Web3?

Zeus network is not just a bridgeless cross-chain solution, but also a pluggable and programmable infrastructure for the entire Web3 ecosystem.

Also, Zeus Network aims to leverage the full power of the world’s fastest, cheapest, and most performant blockchain: Solana, by creating Zeus Layer, a pluggable and programmable network of nodes, on the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM)

  1. What are the advantages of Zeus Network?

Pluggable: The Zeus Programmable Library (ZPL) of Zeus Network provides a pluggable architecture that allows developers to seamlessly integrate their applications and services from other blockchains to SVM.

Programmable: Leveraging Programmable Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Zeus Network enables developers to create custom protocols, empowering them to build complex decentralized applications tailored to specific use cases.

Secure: Zeus Network utilizes fraud proofs and programmable signatures to safeguard cross-chain transactions and maintain the integrity of the network.

  1. Why target Bitcoin as the first mission?

Bitcoin, the most well-known digital asset, has faced limited adoption due to scalability issues, slow transactions, and increasing costs. These factors have made this liquid cryptocurrency challenging to use practically over the past decade. Zeus Network aims to address this by bringing Bitcoin liquidity to Solana, enabling BTC holders to explore decentralized applications on Solana securely without transferring assets. Simultaneously, Solana will benefit from the liquidity provided by Bitcoin, accelerating its widespread adoption.

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