• Token Symbol: ZEUS

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 167,500,000 (16.75%)

  • Contract Address: ZEUS1aR7aX8DFFJf5QjWj2ftDDdNTroMNGo8YoQm3Gq

Crafted with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, $ZEUS tokenomics allocates across key segments, including Early Backers (10%), Jupiter Launchpad (5%), Ecosystem and Community Growth (40%), Foundation Reserve (20%), Team (15%), Liquidity (5%), and Advisors (5%). Each allocation adheres to a tailored cliff and vesting period, ensuring a harmonized and sustainable distribution.


  • Ecosystem and Community Growth: 10% TGE

  • Foundation Reserve: 10% TGE

  • Team: 0% TGE

  • Early Backers: 5% TGE

  • Launchpad: 100% TGE

  • Advisors: 5% TGE

  • Liquidity: 100% TGE


  • Ecosystem and Community Growth: 24 Months Linear Vesting

  • Foundation Reserve: 24 Months Linear Vesting

  • Team: 15 Months Cliff / 15 Months Vesting

  • Early Backers: 3 Months Cliff / 15 Months Vesting

  • Advisors: 6 Months Cliff / 15 Months Vesting

Token Utilities

  • Security: Holders may utilize $ZEUS tokens to enhance security features within the Zeus Network ecosystem, ensuring a robust and protected environment for transactions and interactions.

  • Gas / Fuel / Service Access: $ZEUS tokens serve as a means of accessing and utilizing various services within the Zeus Network ecosystem, such as paying for transaction fees, fueling smart contracts, or accessing specific network features.

  • Governance: $ZEUS token holders have the right to participate in governance decisions concerning the future development and direction of the Zeus Network platform. This includes voting on proposals, protocol upgrades, and other key decisions affecting the ecosystem.

  • Incentives: Participants in the Zeus Network ecosystem may receive incentives in the form of $ZEUS tokens for contributing to the network's growth and functionality. This could include rewards for providing liquidity, staking tokens, or participating in community initiatives.

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