Use cases: Bitcoin to Solana

To fully harness the potential of ZPL-Assets on Solana, our focus is on integrating the assets that make a significant influence within Web3.

With a market cap of approximately 1.2 trillion dollars, and over 11,000 Runes generating over $135 million in fees within the first week on the Bitcoin blockchain, the potential for value transfer is immense.

Empowered by ZPL, assets from Bitcoin can transition into a ZPL-Asset, unlocking access to the vibrant Solana ecosystem.

From DEX to NFT marketplaces, borrowing, lending, gaming, DePIN, SocialFi, and more, users can explore various opportunities with low fees and high efficiency.

Cryptocurrencies such as $BTC can be represented as ZPL-Assets through protocols like APOLLO. Users will then receive 1:1 two-way pegged equivalents $zBTC.

Not to mention the Runes and Ordinals will be enjoying high speed and low fees transactions on Solana.

  • zBTC: $BTC empowered by ZPL on Solana side.

  • zRuneX: Runes asset empowered by ZPL on Solana side.

  • zOrdX: Ordinals standard asset empowered by ZPL on Solana side.


Users can deposit $BTC directly on the Bitcoin blockchain and receive $zBTC on Solana. This unlocks the full potential of $BTC within the Solana ecosystem, engaging in DeFi activities like lending and borrowing, all while retaining their Bitcoin assets securely on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Amid the excitement surrounding Bitcoin applications, the emergence of Runes has sparked new possibilities for $BTC usage. However, increased activity has led to congestion and rising fees. By communicating Runes to Solana, we aim to enhance user experiences by reducing transaction times and costs and making trading more efficient.


Leverage ZPL to bring Ordinals to Solana, enabling seamless zOrdX NFT trading on marketplaces like Magic Eden and Tensor.

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